Digital Images

Questions related to digital image files.

How should I name my jpeg file

Our system renames your file on upload, and the name of the file in your computer is ignored.  So, it simply doesn't matter how you name your digital image.  The title that you enter in the entry form page is important, however,  Although it forms no part of the file name, it is used when judging, preparing the catalogue and displaying the results on the website.

What are the specifications for digital images of print entries?

There are no special requirements, apart from being a jpeg file.   The winning images will be printed at about 17 or 18 cms on the longest size, so a file of 2500 pixels on the longest side will give superb results, and 1440 is perfectly adequate.   Images larger than that will be downsized anyway, so there is no point in submitting any more pixels than that.   If you have an eight megapixel camera, or your cropped image is less than 8 megapixels, just upload it with no more consideration.   Images larger than that should be resized.

Can I review my image after your processing?

Yes.   Click on a thumbnail in the menu panel.   Your browser will open a new window containing your image at 100%.   This works both for images for judging and images for publication (where 100% will probably be greater than your screen size).   To view the image full-screen, exactly as the judge will see it, press F11 - (unless your browser is Safari, or you are using a Mac.).   Press esc to quit.

Please compare megabytes and megapixels.

We measure our images in megapixels, which is arrived at by multiplying the number of pixels across the image by the number of pixels up the image.   When laid out inside the computer, each pixel takes up 3 or 4 characters depending on the software. So, a 8 megapixel image will take up 32 megabytes of storage when being processed by the computer.   When written out to a jpeg file, the image is compressed - even if you ask for 100% quality, so will be much smaller as a file than would otherwise be the case.   Trying for an arbitrarily small file by using too high a jpeg compression can be damaging to quality, so we are imposing no file-size restrictions.   Our system will not accept more than 40MB in one upload session, so if you might exceed that, you would have to upload your images in several sessions.

How will I know that my entry has been successfully uploaded?

When an image has been uploaded, a thumbnail appears on the website.   If you can see the thumbnail, your image IS uploaded correctly.  When you have printed your "final entry form", we will email you confirmation of what you have entered. If you do not receive an upload confirmation email immediately after having printed this form, then please wait for an hour before contacting the salon by email.


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