Welcome to the North Shore National Salon of Photography competition and exhibition.


Given the restrictions placed upon travel and congregation, we cannot be sure that we will be able to get the judges together for judging day.  Therefore we have adjusted the procedures to allow all judging to be done remotely.

It is with great regret that we have decided it is impossible to run the Print categories of the Salon as normal this year.  HOWEVER, we will still have a section for prints, although the procedures will be quite different from normal.

  • Entries into the print categories will be accepted as normal.
  • The criteria for the digital image to be uploaded are different from the digital categories.
  • The minimum number of pixels for the long edge of a print entry will be 2100, and the maximum number of pixels will be 7200.  Prints made with those values will fit into the size range that we normally allow.
  • The entries will be judged digitally (by all six judges)
  • Entrants with an image awarded Acceptance or better will be invited to send us a physical print for exhibition provided that the exhibition venue is actually open during the period for which we have a booking.

We hope that this compromise solution will be acceptable, and look forward to your entries.

 Congratulations to Jean Moulin, EFIAP APSNZ for her image "Oblivious", the winner of the Salon Trophy 2019

Salon Trophy Winner

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