Issues concerned with money

How much does it cost to enter?

It costs $NZ5.00 to enter the competition, plus $NZ5 for each photograph entered.   The price is the same for print and digital entries.   You may enter up to four images in each category.   So, for example, if you entered four prints in category one, and one digital in category five and three digitals in category six, the total cost would be $NZ45.

You may also order up to 10 catalogues at the price of $NZ43 for the first, and $NZ38 for each extra copy.   Please note that you may give the catalogues away, but they are NOT to be sold.

Does the Salon make a profit?

No.   The aim of the Salon is to advance and promote photography in New Zealand. Entry fees are designed so that the Salon breaks even.   Any excess of funds over expenses received by way of sponsorship etc. is returned to the competition in the form of equipment and process improvements.   Committee member's time is also provided free.

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