2018 Digital Open

2018 Digital Open: Gold Medal
Cheryl Harvey

The Lake

The Lake by Cheryl Harvey

I have lived on the North Shore for 40 years and my 2 favourite places to photograph are the Pumphouse, Lake Pupuke and Takapuna Beach. This image was shot at Lake Pupuke. I had gone there to get some impressionist shots of the trees, people, swans and people jumping off the wharf. I had taken quite a few shots, the light was starting to go so I decided to head back to the car. As I was walking past the wharf I noticed some guys jumping off the wharf so turned back to take my last shots for the day. This image was one of those last shots. I shoot in Raw, using intentional camera movement and do post-production in Photoshop. I was using a Nikon 7200 with a Tamron 18-200 lens. The focal length was 135mm, 1/30th second at f/10 and ISO 100.