2014 Prints Set Subject, People

2014 Prints Set Subject, People: Gold Medal
James Winch, APSNZ

Portrait of a Family With a Difference

Portrait of a Family With a Difference by James Winch, APSNZ

I was inspired but a similar concept in a forum I belong to in America, but decided to take it a bit further. A single box was created out of recycled pallets and finished with some plywood. Creative juices were applied and having a family who knew the overall goal on board, we ended up with quite a few single images. To assemble the final image involved many layers in Photoshop using guidelines to keep the images straight. The image had to have some organisation and balance in it to make the final composition work. I got great inspiration from capturing the different aspects of this family that no single portrait could achieve and this was the feature about the image that pleased me the most.  The single images were shot with a Nikon D3 and 50mm lens, two studio lights and a black background.