2014 Prints Open Colour

2014 Prints Open Colour: Gold Medal
Troy Baker


Precious by Troy Baker

I have spent a number of years creating pictures that reflect the most emotive aspects of human existence, drawing from my own experiences in the process.

“Precious” is but another picture continuing my exploration into the human condition that is life.

With a society seemingly based on excesses and consumerism, I wanted to create an image that reminds us what the basic necessities of life really are, necessities that we take for granted. The fish represents food, a basic giver and sustainer of life and the look of confusion on the young girls face depicts the divide between the real and the perceived interpretation of what we really need to survive.

To me it’s the simplicity of the image that proves elaborate sets are not required to create effective pictures. The set consisted of a spacious lounge, a backdrop as well as two flashguns and a touch of natural light.