2013 Prints Open Monochrome

2013 Prints Open Monochrome: Gold Medal
Judy Stokes, APSNZ


Untitled by Judy Stokes, APSNZ

Sometimes you find a place that resonates with your soul. The first time I went to the Bombing range at the far end of Muriwai Beach I knew this was “my place”. This is the place to scatter my ashes. It is remote, wild and has a sense of open space. The day the photo was taken, the light was magic, moving around - lighting some dunes and leaving others in shadow.  This resulted in a graphic image which for me captured the remoteness and moodiness of the place.  The textures of the sand were emphasised and mirrored in the sky. I printed it on watercolour paper to still further emphasise it’s textural and graphic qualities.