2013 Prints Open Colour

2013 Prints Open Colour: Gold Medal
Robin Short, APSNZ

Harnessing the Wind

Harnessing the Wind by Robin Short, APSNZ

Harnessing the wind.

This image was taken while holidaying in Australia, near a small town called Tenterfield.

 Lucky for me it was just the right time of day, with that gorgeous golden late afternoon light.

I took several photos, some with vertical movement for an impressionist look and some sharp ones.

When I got back home and flicked through my photos, this windmill image was screaming out to be worked on, but none of the images looked great on their own.

I tried layering the blurry and sharp images together, as both had some good features.

I then did some eraser work on the blurred layer to bring through some sharp detail.

Finally I layered the windmill image with another image of some fields of barley, which I had photographed in the same vicinity, to add an interesting texture.

I was very happy with the outcome, and this method has since become my trademark look.