2012 Prints Set Subject, The Family of Man

2012 Prints Set Subject, The Family of Man: Gold Medal
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ

Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers by Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ

I was photographing my grandson Flynn’s 4th birthday party. Pass the Parcel had just begun. The children were very excited and the atmosphere electric. Suddenly the music stopped just as the parcel left little Ella’s hands. The flood gates opened as she realized she couldn’t open the present. There was just a small window between this image and her mother moving in to console and reassure her that the music might stop at her in the next round, which of course it did and the smiles returned. The contrast between Ella’s intense disappointment and Samantha’s air of satisfaction makes the image all the more powerful I think