2011 Digital Open Colour

2011 Digital Open Colour: Gold Medal
Jan Maree Vodanovich, BFA, NZIPP


Soma by Jan Maree Vodanovich, BFA, NZIPP

"Soma is a yearling colt belonging to my friend in Helensville. The evening April light was beautiful, clear and warm, and picked out his mane like fire (he's actually a bay) while he played with an ugly black plastic water tank.

Out of the 320 photos I took that weekend this is the only frame I shot of this. The light was fleeting. It's one of those "right time, right place", I actually "saw" it and I did have my camera in my hands! How many times does everything conspire for us? When I first looked at it in the back of the camera, I remember thinking "WOW"!!!! I just love the light and colour and balance.

I feel really honoured to have won these awards and would like to thank the sponsors, judges and fellow artists.

For those of us who care ...  "Soma" is a single image.   In Lightroom I enhanced the colour a little.  In Photoshop I added the left and right sides to make it panoramic (I love the colours in the water tank) and removed two irritating lick marks he made with his tongue.   I used a Canon 50D with my 24-70mmL f2.8 lens set at 70mm, ISO 400, shutter speed 1/80 at f5.6. "