2014 Digital Set Subject, Street Photography

2014 Digital Set Subject, Street Photography: Gold Medal
Tracey Scott, FPSNZ

The Kiss

The Kiss by Tracey Scott, FPSNZ

My Image titled "The Kiss" was taken from the top of a double decker bus in London

It was one of those fleeting moments you so often see in big cities but seldom have your camera at the ready. 

I really enjoyed the contrast between the ancient, cold, grey stone buildings and the warmth and passion of way this very modern young women was kissing her boyfriend. 

It was taken on a Nikon 7000 with a 35 to 70 zoom lens, It was the only equipment I took with me around Europe, no flash, no tripods and no other lenses

I wanted to blend in and look like a tourist and It worked, no one even looked twice at me.

 I changed the colour palette of the Images and placed a vignette to draw the viewer’s attention to the couple.