2013 Prints Set Subject, Vegetation

2013 Prints Set Subject, Vegetation: Gold Medal
Robin Short, APSNZ

Aussie Bush

Aussie Bush by Robin Short, APSNZ

Aussie Bush

This image was taken in Australian bush near Bald Rock.

The bush had been burned in recent times leaving contrasting black trunks mixed with beautiful rusty browns, gold and green, and set off with  clear blue Aussie sky.

The image is made from three separate photos layered together.

One layer has vertical camera movement, one is sharp, and another layer was added of some surrounding small vegetation to give a texture.

I always use things that are photographed nearby for my texture layer, to help accentuate  the  atmosphere of the location. In this case I feel the texture really softened the harshness of the scene.

At the time, I couldn’t resist following this little road further on into the bush, and I liked that this image captured that feeling of wanting to explore beyond.