2012 Prints Set Subject, The Four Elements

2012 Prints Set Subject, The Four Elements: Gold Medal
Anna White

Utmost Peace

Utmost Peace by Anna White

I am lucky to live near a magnificent, isolated west coast beach on the Awhitu Peninsula.  It was winter and a fierce storm had been raging for days.  I went to the beach to see if any dune plantings our landcare group had done had survived!  It was scarily wild when I arrived, with masses of sea foam flying at head height; I could barely stand up.  Suddenly, towards evening it was as if the elements in unison agreed 'be calm now'.  The wind died away completely, a gentle setting sun appeared from behind the clouds.  The only sound came from the rushing waves breaking a long way out in the Tasman.  The softest of lights lit the tops of the breakers, and the scene was bathed in delicate blues and pinks.  After the buffeting of the storm, utmost peace descended.


(This is an in-camera shot, with only a minor levels adjustment.)