2011 Prints Open Monochrome

2011 Prints Open Monochrome: Gold Medal
Mark Berger, APSNZ


Drops by Mark Berger, APSNZ"I carry the camera with me on the way to work, always on the look out for something familiar that can be made unfamiliar. The morning and evening light can be quite helpful. On this particular morning, some rain and a bit of sunlight caused the table, outside one of the many Wellington coffee places, to glisten even more than usual. The image was taken at 1/30, f20, ISO 400 using a Canon 5D MkII with a Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2 SLII Aspherical lens. As the lens is manual focus, I use the LCD and digital zoom to focus. Having the camera set to shoot RAW and Monochrome JPEG, helps me visualise the black and white image. For post processing, I cropped to get the image within the image and used Nik Software for the Black and White conversion. Printing was done on a Canon 9500 MkII using Canon Semi Gloss (SG-201) paper."