2011 Prints Open Colour

2011 Prints Open Colour: Gold Medal
Troy Baker

Velvet Wings

Velvet Wings by Troy Baker

'Velvet Wings' was part of a series of personal works I shot exploring the concepts of animal exploitation for beauty. I later read a quote by one of New Zealand's earliest conservationists Perrine Moncreiff which perfectly summed up what I was trying to say - 'One feels inclined to write an indignant protest at the ghastly manner in which lovely birds have been twisted into grotesque shapes to adorn women throughout the ages ... For every bird killed to provide warmth, hundreds have been slain merely to trim dresses, or worse still, stuck on hats.' My model lay on a red velvet background while I shot from a ladder above. Her direct and almost confrontational engagement with the viewer conveys the exact mood I was after. Shot with a D300s, ISO 100, 24mm F6.3