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About 2018

The conditions of entry to the Salon are published on this website.   You will be asked to formally agree to the conditions upon entry.

The 2018 North Shore National Salon of Photography has eight categories:

1.Open:Any subject or style of print - in colour or monochrome.
2.Impressionist:A style that conveys the feeling or mood; a general impression, or suggestion of a scene rather than a literal representation; usually lacking in detail, impressionist images may emphasise colour over line and are often soft and dreamy. However, it is important that the image does convey the impression of an actual scene, no matter how imaginary. If you have to ask yourself "what is it?", it is not impressionist.
3.'scapes:Any of the 'scapes - landscape, seascape, cityscape etc. You may emphasise some aspect of your 'scape, but it is important that the 'scape does not become just a background.
4.People:Your main subject should be a person or group of people - not necessarily a portrait, but one or more human beings should be the focus of your picture.
5.Open:Any subject or style of image - in colour or monochrome.
6.Abstract:An abstract photograph seeks to communicate the intangible by means of shape, form, colour, pattern, curves and texture. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object and perhaps only knows the essence of the image subject by what is implied. This does NOT mean that it must be impossible to determine what the object actually is. "Here’s the acid test: If you look at a photo and there’s a voice inside you that says 'What is it?'….Well, there you go. It’s an abstract photograph." (John Suler).
7.Fantasy:The definition for this subject is still being worked on. But the title should be enough to get you started.
8.Street Photography:This is essentially a photo-journalism subject. The sky's the limit - just so long as whatever you photograph is happening out of doors and in or on a public thoroughfare, or at a public gathering.
The following awards are awarded in each category: Gold Silver and Bronze medals, Honours, Highly Commended and Acceptance. 
In addtion, The Salon Trophy is awarded to the best overall image chosen from the Gold awards.


The major events in the Salon's schedule for 2018 are as follows:

Sun 01 April Entries Open for 2018 Salon
Fri 18 May Closing date for entries
Sat 26 May Salon Judging Day
Sun 27 May Results presented on North Shore Salon Website
Tue 05 to Mon 18 June Exhibition of Salon prints and digital winning entries at Mairangi Bay Arts Centre
Tue 05 June Presentation to gold-medal winners and audio-visual presentation of winning entries at the North Shore Photographic Society's "At Home" evening, Mairangi Bay Arts Centre
Fri 24 August Publication of the Salon's 2018 Catalogue