2018 Prints Impressionist

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Gold Medal
No medal awarded.
Silver Medal
No medal awarded.
Bronze Medal
Meg Lipscombe, FPSNZ Spring Growth by Meg Lipscombe, FPSNZ
Lynn Hedges
A Quiet Read
Lynn Johnstone
Highly Commended
Lynn Johnstone
Waiting on the Wharf
Lynn Johnstone
A Sunset Jog
Jennifer Williams-Simone, LPSNZ
The Wave
Michael Boyd-Clark, APSNZ
Goings on in Whangamata
Stephanie Handley, APSNZ
The Breaking Wave
Stephanie Handley, APSNZ
Winter Time
Howard Jack
Reflections on the Dawson River
Sue Riach, APSNZ
Chair Up
Martin Sanders, LPSNZ
Feeding Frenzy