2017 Club Awards

Photography with Pixels members with results of acceptance or better in the 2017 Salon.

Rob Dally, LPSNZ1 Acceptance
Carolyn Elcock, ANPSNZ3 Acceptances
Lorraine Gibb, LPSNZ2 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended
Newell Grenfell, HonPSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ1 Acceptance, 3 Honours, 1 Silver Medal
Helen McLeod, APSNZ2 Acceptances
Ron Willems, Hon PSNZ, FPSNZ, AFIAP, ARPS.6 Acceptances
Yan Yuan1 Acceptance
Photography with Pixels
Total Awards
16 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended, 3 Honours, 1 Silver Medal

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