2017 Club Awards

Nature Photographic Society of NZ members with results of acceptance or better in the 2017 Salon.

Stuart Clook1 Acceptance
Rob Dally, LPSNZ1 Acceptance
Carolyn Elcock, ANPSNZ3 Acceptances
Lorraine Gibb, LPSNZ2 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended
Newell Grenfell, HonPSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ1 Acceptance, 3 Honours, 1 Silver Medal
Toya Heatley, LPSNZ, ANPSNZ2 Acceptances
Michael Molloy, AFIAP1 Acceptance, 1 Honours
Elizabeth Passuello, FPSNZ FNPSNZ AAPS EFIAP3 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended
John Reid, APSNZ ANPSNZ AFIAP4 Acceptances, 2 Highly Commendeds
Nature Photographic Society of NZ
Total Awards
18 Acceptances, 4 Highly Commendeds, 4 Honours, 1 Silver Medal

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