2017 Club Awards

Auckland Photographic Society members with results of acceptance or better in the 2017 Salon.

Susan Blick1 Acceptance, 1 Highly Commended
Mark Burgess2 Acceptances
Sarah Caldwell5 Acceptances, 4 Highly Commendeds, 2 Honours
Joan Caulfield, LPSNZ1 Acceptance
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ2 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended
Lynn Clayton, Hon.PSNZ,APSNZ, EFIAP, ESFIAP2 Acceptances, 1 Honours
Brian Cudby, Hon PSNZ FPSNZ EFIAP ESFIAP1 Highly Commended
Liz Hardley, FPSNZ, LRPS, EFIAP/b4 Acceptances, 2 Highly Commendeds, 1 Bronze Medal
Sandrina Huish, LPSNZ1 Acceptance
Howard Jack3 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended
Lynda Leng1 Acceptance
Christopher Long1 Acceptance
John Lyon4 Acceptances, 1 Highly Commended, 1 Honours
Heather Saint2 Highly Commendeds
Bev Winstone1 Highly Commended
Auckland Photographic Society
Total Awards
28 Acceptances, 14 Highly Commendeds, 4 Honours, 1 Bronze Medal

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