2015 Digital Street Photography

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Gold Medal
Diane Costello, LPSNZ The Daily Stuff! by Diane Costello, LPSNZ
The Daily Stuff!
Silver Medal
Jay Drew, LPSNZ Different Paces by Jay Drew, LPSNZ
Different Paces
Bronze Medal
Lynn Hedges
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ
Working Late
Pauline Smith, LPSNZ
The Leg-Sunbathing on Queens Wharf
Ilan Wittenberg, MNZIPP, FPSNZ
Gas Bottles
Highly Commended
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ
The Pleasure of the Game
Jay Drew, LPSNZ
The Morning Ritual
Linda Jarrett
Morning Commute
Edwin Leung, LPSNZ
Walking Home, Alone.
There Goes My Mother in-Law
Ilan Wittenberg, MNZIPP, FPSNZ
Mono Rhinoceros
Trish Bailey
Bruce Burgess, FPSNZ
Jill Cliffe
Catching Z's
Joshua Donnelly, LPSNZ
Girl in the Orange Dress
Constance Fein Harding
The Pink Umbrella
Miriam Godfrey, LPSNZ
Wow. How Did You Do That?
Miriam Godfrey, LPSNZ
On His Way.
Peter Graney
Taking a Nap
Carole Grant, LPSNZ
Hangin Out
Dianna Hambleton, LPSNZ
Latte 59
Susie Hare
Bored and Tired
Bill Hodges, APSNZ, EFIAP
The Student
Broke & Homeless
Linda Jarrett
Today's Youth
Lorraine Jones, APSNZ EFIAP/b GMAPS
Man From Byron Bay
Edwin Leung, LPSNZ
Time to Go
Edwin Leung, LPSNZ
Texting on a Bus Stop
Jo McCarthy
Castro Country
Doug Moulin, APSNZ, EFIAP
Different Faces - Different Races
Christine Ody
Adelaide Architecture
Martin Sanders, LPSNZ
Don't text and ride
Bob Scott, LPSNZ
Multicultural Blois
Bob Scott, LPSNZ
Horse Power
Robin Short, APSNZ
Fully Laden
Dave Simpson, LRPS LPSNZ
Apres Shop
Phil Thornton
Walk to the Wedding
Roger Wandless, APSNZ
Urban Andes
Ilan Wittenberg, MNZIPP, FPSNZ
Man With Cash
Ilan Wittenberg, MNZIPP, FPSNZ
Authentic Bagels
Shelley Wood
Crossing the Line