2013 Prints Open Monochrome

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Gold Medal
Judy Stokes, LPSNZ Untitled by Judy Stokes, LPSNZ
Silver Medal
Pat Cockfield, APSNZ Fantasy Plant by Pat Cockfield, APSNZ
Fantasy Plant
Bronze Medal
Ilan Wittenberg, ANZIPP Piazza Del Campo by Ilan Wittenberg, ANZIPP
Piazza Del Campo
Michael Boyd-Clark
Spirit of Childhood
Gill Brodie, APSNZ
Virtual Venice
Highly Commended
John Burford, APSNZ
Pat Cockfield, APSNZ
Cabin in the Trees
stephen cox
John Burford, APSNZ
Street Violinist
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ
Family in Transit
Karin Charteris, AFIAP: APSNZ
The Goss
Brian Eastwood
Tree House
Miriam Godfrey
Duelling Zebra.
Nori Kim
Flying High
Peter Morris, APSNZ
Phil Thornton
Anzac Day
Terry Urban
Bursting With Life
Terry Urban
Standing Tall
Terry Urban
Shadows of the Past
Roger Wandless, APSNZ
Ghosts of Prague
Ilan Wittenberg, ANZIPP
Flinders Chase
Ilan Wittenberg, ANZIPP
Remarkable Rocks
Ilan Wittenberg, ANZIPP
Empty Seats
Fred Wotton, APSNZ
Wharariki Sand Dunes No. 2
Phil Yeo, NZIPP