2012 Prints Open Monochrome

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Gold Medal
Rosemary Morris, APSNZ Yani by Rosemary Morris, APSNZ
Silver Medal
Bret Lucas Bound by Bret Lucas
Bronze Medal
Ilan Wittenberg Twins in Boots by Ilan Wittenberg
Twins in Boots
Stephanie Handley, APSNZ
No Title #2
Paul Willyams, LPSNZ
Power Lines
Highly Commended
Mark Berger, APSNZ
Georgie McKie, FPSNZ
Taiko #1
Mark Berger, APSNZ
Balloon Man
Karin Charteris
Battling the Weather
Lynn Clayton, APSNZ, AFIAP
Seen Better Days
Allan Fleischmann
The Alpha Male
Liz Hardley, FPSNZ, LRPS
Shadow Play
Shona Kebble, APSNZ
Almost Sundown
Georgie McKie, FPSNZ
Tunnel Hill
Georgie McKie, FPSNZ
Windshorn #1
Peter Morris
Rosemary Morris, APSNZ
Alistair Morrow
Eye of the Beholder
Alistair Morrow
Doug Moulin, APSNZ, AFIAP
Riverton Church
Doug Moulin, APSNZ, AFIAP
Waipapa Point Lighthouse
Jean Moulin, APSNZ AFIAP
Tortured Trees
Jeanette Nee, LPSNZ
The Musterer
Jeanette Nee, LPSNZ
Stepping Out
Phil Thornton
The World's Fastest Indian
Ilan Wittenberg
Embryo Twins