2011 Prints 'Aged'

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Gold Medal
Beverley Short Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Art Is Long, Life Short.) by Beverley Short
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Art Is Long, Life Short.)
Silver Medal
Alistair Morrow Kuia by Alistair Morrow
Bronze Medal
Phil Thornton Shutters and Doors by Phil Thornton
Shutters and Doors
David Collier
Malcolm McNeill
The Tree
Highly Commended
Jean Moulin, APSNZ AFIAP
Window Design
Beverley Short
Emily Ansell
Sandy Campbell
150 Year Old Curves
Lynn Clayton, APSNZ, AFIAP
Old Smoker
Pat Cockfield, APSNZ
Old but Proud
Liz Hardley, FPSNZ, LRPS
Liz Hardley, FPSNZ, LRPS
Old Goat
Liz Hardley, FPSNZ, LRPS
Skull Dune
Libby Hitchings, APSNZ
Life Is Hard
Shona Jaray, APSNZ
Shona Jaray, APSNZ
Alistair Morrow
The Marlboro Man
Diana Pittham
Moulded Over the Millenia
Don Pittham, FPSNZ, ANPSNZ
The Lord of the Forest
Martin Sanders, LPSNZ
Age Before Beauty
Martin Sanders, LPSNZ
Early Composition
Robin Short
Motor Rest Home
Robin Short
Mystery Adventure
Robin Short
Textured With Age
Anne Thornton
Raddled Saddles
Anne Thornton
Tuscan Retreat
Phil Thornton
Taking the Sunshine
Phil Thornton
Open to View
Fred Wotton, APSNZ
Miao Elder