2017 Judges

2017 judges

This year we have once again attracted six distinguished judges, namely Desmond Burdon, Diane Costello, Eva Polak, Harry Janssen, Megan Jenkinson and Mike Hollman who will have the unenviable task of selecting the best images from the thousands of entries for acceptance into the salon.

Diane Costello

Impressionist and abstract photographer

Born in Vanderbijlpark in South Africa in the Johannesburg region.  All my schooling was done in this iron and steel town which is as flat as a pancake, so easy to cycle around.

I had a fantastic childhood and was delighted to receive my first camera at the age of twelve.  Nothing elaborate and just a point and shoot, however I enjoyed organising people including my friends and loved photographing landscapes. 

On moving with my husband to Ireland I joined the Malahide Camera Club and had my first taste of the club scene, not dissimilar to the way New Zealand clubs operate. 

Settled in Auckland, New Zealand two years thereafter and joined the Eden-Roskill Camera Club where I was an active participant on the committee for 10 years.

As the current Arts Coordinator for the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council I am in the midst of the arts scene which is very inspirational.  I manage and coordinator national and member’s awards exhibitions annually. 

Having realised the camera as a powerful tool could be manipulated to perform other functions, like creating movement in images and having studied the Pictorialists, which we refer to as Impressionists, I was hooked on this style of photography.  The natural progression was to strip out the representational and move towards Abstraction in Photography.   A new movement is under way, to be released within the next two months.

I have put together 5 books with another on the way while having tutored a number of workshops


Desmond Burdon

Digital artist.

Desmond worked as an advertising photographer on a wide range of products – from diamond rings to Boeing 747s – for 30 years, in 48 countries around the world. When Desmond left advertising and came to live in New Zealand, he developed a style and technique to produce personalized images, far away from the constraints of commercial photography


Megan Jenkinson

Associate Professor Elan School of Fine Arts

Megan Jenkinson studied photography under Time Life photographer Tom Hutchins and phot-historian John B. Turner at Elam, University of Auckland.  After graduating in 1980 she worked for the conservationist photographer Ian MacDonald at Real Pictures, a photography gallery and colour print laboratory operating out of His Majesty’s Arcade, Auckland, where she had her first solo exhibitions.


Jenkinson has exhibited nationally and internationally, at major art events such as the Sydney Biennale, 1990, and significant exhibitions such as Photography Now, 1989 at the Victoria and Albert Museum (commemorating, the first 150 years of Photography.


Jenkinson’s most significant projects include The Virtues, 1996, and The Light Horizon, 2008.  The Virtues toured to eight local public venues and is accompanied by the book Under The Aegis: The Virtues, 1997. More recently, The Light Horizon is a culmination of work produced for three separate shows in 2007, inspired by her visit to Antarctica as an Antarctic Arts Fellow, 2005. 


Her work is held in nine local and several public collections, including The V&A Museum, London; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; and the National Gallery, Canberra.



Mike Hollman

Commercial photographer

In the past 20 years, Mike has travelled extensively around the world to capture the beauty of the landscape, nature, architecture, culture, and people. 

Mike’s passion for photography is well recognized and awarded within the photographic industry. 

He is a Grand Master of Photography and Fellow with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and was awarded New Zealand Commercial Photographer of the Year (2014) and New Zealand Travel Photographer of the Year (2013, 2014 & 2016).  Mike is also a New Zealand Nikon Ambassador.

Mike’s unique style of architectural photography is not only well respected by his commercial clients worldwide, but also was named one of the 13 World’s Best Architectural Photographers in 2015 by the Interactive Design Institute in UK.  



Eva Polak

New Zealand’s leading impressionist photographer Eva Polak has produced five books: "At the Beach" and "Walking the Dog" are a collection of images, while "Impressionist Photography Techniques", "Transcendent Light" and "The Secret Life of Dandelions" outline ways to use your camera for painterly effect.

Eva Polak has had three solo exhibitions and has participated in a variety of group exhibitions. Her photographs are in private collections in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. As an educator, Eva has passed on her knowledge and experience to keen photographers through a variety of workshops.


Harry Janssen

Photographer, Graphic Designer & Tutor

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and enhancing images to allow them to resonate with a viewer is Harry's passion. He likens this 'talent', some would say 'gift', as a way to bring out the stories inherent in each image. This skill continues to be the cornerstone for Harry's successful Photography and Graphic Design business as well as the inspiration for him to pass on these skills in tutorials that teach image enthusiasts how to take great photos and enhance them to an award-winning level using advanced software.

“I have spent nearly 40 years in my little photographic world and I love to share my knowledge and experience with people.”


NZIPP Honours Council Member

NZIPP Master Fellow of Photography x5

NZIPP Auckland Photographer of the Year 2011

NZIPP New Zealand Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 - Finalist

NZIPP New Zealand Photographer of the Year 2013 - Finalist

NZIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2016